Shaping Architecture

Whatever good things we build end up building us.

- Jim Rohn

I am an architectural designer with a strong passion for sustainability and innovation. My goal in Architecture and photography is to reveal the beauty in ordinary things. To show the detail and the unique aspects of life that may be missed when one isn't paying attention. To draw people in to not just see the world, but to experience it through my designs. To inspire others to go outside the box, to live, to explore, and to adventure.

Profesional Portfolio

3d Designs

Design 1

Conceptual Design

Sketchup & V-ray

Design 2

Conceptual Design

Sketchup & V-ray

Design 3

Conceptual Design

Sketchup & V-ray

Design 4


Illustrator Design & Photoshop

Design 5

Grand Villas-Hudson

Shetckup Design

Design 6


Illustrator Design & Photoshop


Project 4

Brambleton Virginia


Project 5

Brambleton Virginia


Project 6

Leesburg South

Single Family


Photo 1

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Copenhagen, A city rich in 17th century architecture!

Photo 2

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Gamla Linkoping Open Air-Market

Photo 3

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Historic buildings are true works of art- look at the detail in this church's ceiling!

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Derik Jones

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